The dental clinic is run by a dentist and oral health technicians. The clinic has a modern dental chair and x-ray unit installed through the support from the Doctor Bank of Sweden.

    The dental procedures done at the clinic include:

    1. Dental check-up
    2. Root canal treatment
    3. Extractions
    4. Permanent and temporary fillings
    5. Composite restoration
    6. Scaling
    7. Intra oral radiographs

    The clinic has been operational since 1996 and has over the years enjoyed immense support (equipment, supplies and finance) from Doctor Bank of Sweden through Kenya Ear Foundation (KEF). The objective of the clinic is to offer affordable high quality dental care and to alleviate dental caries and periodontal disease in school going children.

    Notably, financial ability to access the facility remains a challenge for most patients.

    The clinic is currently run by a clinical officer who is also an ophthalmic assistant. It is opened from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm.

    The clinic was started in 1994 through sponsorship by Christoffelblinden Mission International (CBM), a Non-Governmental Organization in Germany. This sponsorship has since come to an end. However, the clinic strives to partner with other hospitals' eye units for screening and surgery. The cost of eye surgery is still a challenge for most patients.

    The pharmacy stocks essential quality branded and generic pharmaceutical and surgical products as per the national guidelines. The hospital pharmaceutical and therapeutics committee ensures that the drug supply chain is well managed. It also encourages rational use of drugs. The pharmacy serves in-patients, out-patients as well as external walk-in patients.

    The pharmaceutical technologists dispenses the drugs on prescription and also offers the patient counselling on their medication on drug dosage, drug storage, precautions on usage with other medication and any side effects the patient might experience.

    The pharmacy department is run by dedicated qualified pharmaceutical technologists. It has the main pharmacy which serves both out-patient and in-patient and a smaller pharmacy for clients at the Patient Support Centre.

    The department operates from 8am to 7pm. However, there is a dispensing room that caters for patients after 7pm.

    The physiotherapy department operates to help restore clients' range of movement after injury, illness or physical disability. It serves people of all ages including children and elderly people.

    In particular, physiotherapy can help rehabilitate (restore to health) people who have:

    1. had a stroke, when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off
    2. heart problems and breathing difficulties
    3. a sports injury
    4. recently had surgery that affects their movement or mobility

    The department has physiotherapists and plaster technicians. They serve both out-patient and in-patient needs. The staffs assist the medical officers in the management of some orthopaedic cases. They also attend to children with cerebral palsy at the hospital.

    The department needs modern equipment to improve its capacity.

    Career training

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    Visiting hours

    The visiting hours are as follows:

    • Morning, Afternoon and Evening respectively
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