Post Mortem and Mortuary

    The Mortuary offers lodgement of patients who pass away at the hospital or at home as a result of terminal illness and in whom documentation is availed by the family, government officer or specialist medical practitioners.

    It has a capacity for storage of 8 bodies and is well equipped for performing autopsy. Our dedicated and friendly staff are able to professionally embalm bodies and undertake necessary preservation procedures. In addition there are facilities available for preservation of bodies to enable safe local transport.

    The Mortuary has a spacious outdoor space which allows for ease of viewing and for performing all the last respects thus giving the departed souls a peaceful and pleasant final farewell for their last journey.

    These services are offered at a very competitive rate and by a team of dedicated and friendly staff who will ensure efficient and respectful handling of the deceased persons and timely preparation for the final journey.

    Opening Hours

    The mortuary opens between 8am to 5pm from Monday to Sunday.

    Career training

    Enroll at our Nursing School

    • Call : +254 (0) 704 700 788 / +254 (0) 711 688 592
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    Visiting hours

    The visiting hours are as follows:

    • Morning, Afternoon and Evening respectively
    Weekdays   Weekends
    6:00-7:00AM   6:00-7:00AM
    12:30–2:00PM   12:00–2:00PM
    5:00-6:00PM   4:30-6:00PM

    Contact us

    Postal Address : P.O. Box 250 - 40400 Suna Migori, Kenya

    • Email :
    • Emergency lines 24/7:
    • Hotline 1 : +254 (0) 722 454556
    • Hotline 2 : +254 (0) 722 146383
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