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X-Ray Unit

X-Ray Unit

The department provides imaging services (x-rays and ultrasonography) to the hospital patients and also to patients referred from other private clinics and hospitals. It is run by qualified radiographers.

It operates between 8am and 5pm from Monday to Friday. A radiographer is on call after 5pm and over the weekend.

Services offered include:

Skeletal Radiographic Examination

Body parts examined are Upper limbs, Lower limbs, Pelvic girdle, Vertebral column, Chest, Shoulder girdle, Skull, and Mouth and Neck

Radiologic Examination using Contrast Media

The unit performs specialized examinations using contrast medium. Such investigations include Intravenous urography, Barium meal, Barium swallow, Hysterosalpingograph, Fistulography, Oral cholecystography, Micturating cystography, and Cystograph

Ultra Sound Imaging

Ultrasound is a form of diagnostic imaging used to examine soft tissues and organs. High frequency sound waves are sent into the body, bounce off structures and are sent back to the transducer. Ultrasound Machines create images from these sound waves.

The hospital provide quality test results performed by qualified Sonographers. Ultrasound procedures done include Obstetrics, Pelvic pathology, and Othe abdominal viscera

Service Features

We Offer

Imaging Services (X-Rays and Ultrasonography)


Qualified Sonographers

Service Included

  • Skeletal Radiographic Examination
  • Radiologic Examination using Contrast Media
  • Ultra Sound Imaging

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Who do we serve?

A: We serve the hospital patients and also patients referred from other private clinics and hospitals.

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