This section is in charge of patient registration and financial clearance of patients who are being admitted or discharged. They also act as the liaison between patients and their insurance companies.

    The staff provides information regarding the hospital facilities, directions and any other queries a patient may have. Porter services are also available to assist wheel patients who are too weak to walk to the wards.

    Patient Admission

    A deposit is required from all self-paying patients except for emergencies where the doctor should sign the emergency form. For emergency admissions, deposit is due within 24 hours of admission.

    A company patient is required to bring a letter of undertaking if the Company is a corporate member of the hospital. Patients covered by an insurance company such as NHIF should ensure the treating doctor completes his/her insurance forms within 24 hours of admission.

    Patient Discharge

    The discharge process is initiated by the treating doctor when he signs a discharge slip which is sent to the discharge. Clients are required to confirm with the Admissions Desk that all their charges have been posted in the system and also check with their ward sister that all their discharge medication has been delivered to the ward.

    At this point they can clear with discharges section who issues them with a discharge clearance form. This should be taken to the ward sister. NHIF cards should be presented on admission so that the rebates can be calculated during discharge.

    Nursing care is integral to the function of our hospital, with a nurse taking on the roles of being patient's caregiver, educator, and an advocate among others.

    Our nursing services are handled by Kenya Registered Community Health nurses and Kenya Enrolled Community Health nurses. At Ombo hospital, we strive to practice excellence and are commitment to quality service and a quest for continuous clinical knowledge. We encourage our nurses to uphold dignity and professional ethics at all times.



    Infection Control Info:

    1. Please wash your hands or use an alcohol hand gel during and after visiting the hospital wards.
    2. If you have had an infectious illness, such as diarrhoea, vomiting or a cold, please wait until you are completely better before visiting.
    3. It is best if children do not visit, or if it is unavoidable, that they stay in waiting areas with a friend or relative. This is for their own and patients' safety.

    The hospital also has two operating theatres that handle surgical procedures. The hospital is working towards acquiring high dependency unit and a modern anaesthetic machine.

    Some of the surgical procedures conducted at the facility are:

    Elective Surgical Operations

    Amputation of extremeties

    Elective Gynecological Procedures

    VVF Repair
    Colporraphy and Perineorraphy

    Emergency Operations


    The wards are headed by charge sisters assisted by the Deputy Charge sisters and supported by nurses and support staff. Patients are welcome in the wards by very charming nurses who are ready and willing to help them in their pain.

    Doctors do the ward rounds in all wards between 8:30am - 10:30am daily and when need arises except on weekends when they do reviews for new admissions and very sick patients and those who need discharge.

    The patient beds are comfortable and adjustable. Patients are served a good range of well cooked, healthy and palatable food.

    Each ward has amenity rooms which are well equipped for the comfort of the patient while in our facility.

    Our Wards are categorised as:

    General Wards (Medical Wards)

    The general wards provides care for patients (medical and surgical patients) in a quiet environment. They comprise of male and female wards.

    Maternity Wards

    The wards admits mothers in labour, antenatal mothers with complications and patients with gynaecological conditions.

    The Nursey / Special Care Baby Unit facilitates provision of care to sick and prematurely born babies.

    The wards are equipped with obstetric equipment and qualified midwives who support mothers through patient education, knowledge and skills to ensure safe motherhood.

    Paediatrics wards

    The wards admits children below 15 years of age. Children who have gone surgery are also nursed in this ward.

    Career training

    Enroll at our Nursing School

    • Call : +254 (0) 704 700 788 / +254 (0) 711 688 592
    • Email:
    • Click here to apply online or download PDF

    Visiting hours

    The visiting hours are as follows:

    • Morning, Afternoon and Evening respectively
    Weekdays   Weekends
    6:00-7:00AM   6:00-7:00AM
    12:30–2:00PM   12:00–2:00PM
    5:00-6:00PM   4:30-6:00PM

    Contact us

    Postal Address : P.O. Box 250 - 40400 Suna Migori, Kenya

    • Email :
    • Emergency lines 24/7:
    • Hotline 1 : +254 (0) 722 454556
    • Hotline 2 : +254 (0) 722 146383
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